A Little Room to Renovate – Upgrade Where It Counts

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Keep it in the Kitchen!

Kitchens are synonymous with quality family time and form an integral part of entertaining friends, which is why renovating your kitchen is a wonderful way to upgrade your home and make you beam with pride.


Industrial themes and more ‘homey’ finishes such as marble or wooden countertops are adding warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to homes, whilst double islands are highly sought after at the moment for both practical and visual returns.


Bathroom Bliss

Wall tiles, mosaic, stone finishes, focal wall options and endless possibilities with colours to compliment design, make bathrooms a versatile and unique way to add a personal touch to your home whilst freshening up outdated looks and improving functionality. This is a great opportunity to ensure your plumbing is working optimally whilst affording you the chance to replace ‘tired’ looking showers, baths or toilets.

Benefits for Practicality’s Sake and for Your Pocket

Should the time come to move on, you will be stress free and ready-to-sell after having first relished in the comfort and rewards of your renovations. Renovations and upgrades add to the value of your home and should always be seen as an investment. With that being said, if you have a budget to stick to, there are ways to match your budget as closely with your desired outcomes as possible, as long as your perspectives remain reasonable.


What to Consider

Starting from scratch affords you the opportunity to redesign and remodel entire rooms and related spaces. Want more space? Done. Upgrades to existing features grant you a whole new look and feel with half the amount of effort. To find out which option is best for your needs or if you’re looking for home renovation options in Cape Town, contact Habitat Renovations or visit their website.