Picture Perfect Paint Techniques

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Painting the interior of your home is one of the fastest and most effective ways to give your living space a facelift that completely changes the look and feel of your home. For the very brave with a flair for creativity, there are some awesome techniques that will certainly make your home distinguishable.


Geometric Wall Patterns

Geometric patterns are modern yet timeless and if done well, subtly intriguing. They are a great way of delicately showcasing your chosen colour schemes whilst a variety of shapes and methods of layering those shapes add dimension for intriguing yet simplistic effects. You could use one colour in a variety of shades or contrasting colours for bolder effects.


Colour Wash

A colour wash is a magnificent technique to achieve a soft effect that is comparable to watercolour painting techniques. The best course of action is to choose one colour but use 3 shade variations of it. The paint can be applied in various techniques, from criss-cross brush strokes, softened with a rag to sponging methods.


Rag Rolling

Rag rolling gives plenty of texture to your walls and adds complexity to your chosen colour. This technique can involve many colours or one colour in different shades. The base coat should be dark and flat before putting a rag or plastic bag over the paint roller and dipping it in lighter colours. The intensity of the effect can be tailored to your preferred results.


Creating a faux marble effect is incredibly complex, but possible. Like rag rolling and colour washing, it requires layers of different shades or colours subtly blended. For the final touch, a feather or fine artists brush dipped in either black or white (depending on the base colour) can be used to create ‘veins’. The veins are then softened with glaze and a rag to make it look more natural.

Quality is Important

In general, walls should only ever be painted with quality paints, particularly if you’re looking for any of the above effects to come out well. For the best results, speaking to professionals is always best. Contact Habitat Renovations or visit their website for more information on quality paints and house painting services.